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by Molly Bicks
directed by Mehr Kaur
produced by Dixon Place Lounge Series

lightning design by Thomas Smiller
Featuring Spencer Lutvak, Maggie Crane,

Camilla Skalski, Alex Emond & Grace West


This is the story of two endings separated by forty years. This is the story of how when the world as you once knew it crumbles into a pile of meaningless dust, it may be time to sing about Clambakes. This is the story of a moment when the only answers could be found in sketchy carnivals in deep woods Maine. This is the story of love that hurts more than we wish it did. This is the story of the making of Carousel. Twice. 

Ed & Mo

by Maggie Crane
directed by Molly Bicks

Featuring: Carsen Joenk, Jonathan Schlieman, Spencer Lutvak, & Izzy Roland

sound design by Bre Northrup


Catholic school was wrong about hell. It’s not fire and brimstone or gnashing of teeth. Hell is Madison Wisconsin. Mo hates everything about Wisconsin: the people, the quiet, the cold the psychiatric hospital at which she now works. Everything, that is, until she meets Ed, the blunt and kind-hearted patient with a dark and infamous past. Through bad jokes, imagining New York City with no humans in it, and writing letters to Frank Sinatra, the two form a bond that they share with no one else. From Catholicism to serial murder, Ed & Mo is a dark comedy that examines finding the people you never know you needed.