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JUDY began as a bunch of post it notes hanging in a windowless kitchen beneath an inflatable unicorn head. Things like "buttons," "America dance," "jellybeans," "evil women," "shoes as symbol," "contextualizing history," and "knife/comb." Thus JUDY was born.

There is maybe no more pervasive American fairytale than that of the Reagan administration... except for The Wizard of Oz. We created a world together; a world of state fairs, pig scrambles, tornados, the legends of little kids, and Nancy Reagan. We started generating song skeletons, poems, chords, fragments of writing, knowing that we wanted its first iteration to be a concert. We gifted our song babies to our favorite musicians to compose and arrange. On April 14th we got to experience their creations in 3 strip technicolor.

Now JUDY is alive. We're glad you met her. 

Stay tuned for upcoming iterations.

Surrender, Girl

performed and arranged by: Grant Chamberlin,

Kassiani Menas, and Basit Shittu

composed by Bre Northrup

lyrics by Bre Northrup with Rat Queen Theatre Company


Click 1, 2

composed and performed by Oil the band

lyrics by Rat Queen Theatre Company