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Judy Doomed Us All is a gritty, political, Americana musical wrapped in a tumbleweed and served on a tablecloth from Party City. Set on the 4th of July in a reimagined 1980s, a fictionalized Nancy Reagan continues her Grand National Tour across the Heartland. As Nancy and her joke writer, Anthony Dolan, roll into a small town in Kansas, a massive tornado approaches, leaving the two political figures trapped amongst the cornfields and corner stores. The story unfolds as two best friends, Judy and Blinker, leave the shelter of their basement-turned-clubhouse and find themselves struggling to understand what growing up means when your resources are limited.


Could they be like Nancy Reagan? Or are they doomed to be like the outsiders- A drag queen named Dorothy and her two best friends Gertie and Scarecrow who live in a punk house and try to stay afloat amongst the decay. We follow the characters through a country fair, a drag bar, a small town Rec Hall, and the children’s basement. The story examines what occurs when class lines are blurred in the midst of statewide-emergency. We come to learn that good intentions don’t always lead to a good result. The tornado is not the only thing that could destroy the town.

Visit our YOUTUBE PAGE for videos from our concert night

Visit our WEBSITE for photos from the process thus far


Back in April 2017, we presented a concert night of songs all of which can be found above. This fall, we held a brief two-day workshop to generate material. Moving forward, we want to assemble a team of actors, attached to specific roles, to continue developing the script alongside our writers. For you theatre nerds out there, this will mean doing a bastardization of viewpoints, études, and other devising tricks and treats. These workshops will take place roughly once a week throughout the month of January and February, with the hopes of solidifying a more rigorous rehearsal schedule to come for March-April. 


We intend to present a full workshop of this piece in the Spring of 2018.

there will be a small stipend for the workshop/devising component of the rehearsal process with the intention of a larger stipend for the more rigorous month + presentation.


NANCY REAGAN- (can play 30s, any gender identity, any race) manipulative and sexy, a peppy scorpio, sweet yet powerful, gains power by exuberance, contagious. She knows that she is hurting people but it is for “greater good.”

* Note we are specifically interested in seeing trans women and/or WOC for Nancy. 


DOROTHY - (genderfuck performer, GNC performer, bio queen, or cis queen) The most famous "drag" queen in a town of 1,000 people. She is a local celebrity but in a trashy, degenerate way. The fancy people in the town do not approve. She is loud and confident. She is battling some sort of illness.


GERTIE- (female-identifying or GNC, any race) A part of the punk house/outside world. The fun girl at the party, but it’s ten years later and her teeth are falling out. She’s not old, just driven. She is the talkative caretaker of the house, prone to mood swings, but also full of energy.



We will be holding auditions on Monday, December, 18th from 7:00pm-10:00pm at the New York Theatre Workshop Administrative Offices (83 E 4th St). You can find a sign-up sheet HERE. If you cannot make the audition, we would love for you to send us a tape! If there are two monologues on your sheet, please prepare both. We would also love for you to prepare 14-16 bars (about 30 seconds) of any song. Please bring your headshot and resume. If you want to accompany yourself with an instrument, please do! Doesn’t matter if you do not consider yourself a singer, we just wanna hear you have fun.


If you need to send in a self-tape, please also address the following questions:

  1. Can you play an instrument?

  2. Do you have any special skills?

  3. Any devising experience?

  4. General availability on evenings and weekends?

  5. A headshot/resume (this not a question, but it was easier to include it numerically)


We would like your self-tape by Monday, December 18th at 9:30 pm.


Send us your self-tape by contacting us at ratqueenco@gmail.com

Feel free to reach out with any questions as well.

We look forward to hearing from you.