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Judy Doomed Us All

created by Rat Queen Theatre Company ​​

Co-produced with J. Mehr Kaur 

Judy Doomed Us All is a gritty, political, Americana musical wrapped in a tumbleweed and served on a tablecloth from Party City. Set on the 4th of July in a reimagined 1980s, a fictionalized Nancy Reagan continues her Grand National Tour across the Heartland. As Nancy and her joke writer, Anthony Dolan, roll into a small town in Kansas, a massive tornado approaches, leaving the two political figures trapped amongst the cornfields and corner stores. The story unfolds as two best friends, Judy and Blinker, leave the shelter of their basement-turned-clubhouse and find themselves struggling to understand what growing up means when your resources are limited. Could they be like Nancy Reagan? Or will they be like the outsiders- A drag queen named Dorothy and her two best friends Gertie and Scarecrow who live in a punk house and try to stay afloat amongst the decay. As the storm approaches the characters intersect and the play examines what occurs when class lines are blurred in the midst of a statewide-emergency.We come to learn that good intentions don’t always lead to a good result. The tornado is not the only thing that could destroy the town.



Directed by Carsen Joenk 


Music Directed by Andrew Barret Cox 


Stage Managed by Aja Depass 


Scenic Design by Alex Emond 


Sound Design by C.M. Swan- Streepy


With music by Sam Aneson, Grant Chamberlin, KG Garlington, Jess Marlor, Bre Northrup, Melanie Rose Thomas, Oil the Band, and Viraj Gandhi


Percussion by Nikola Balac


Production Photos by Eva Mueller





Judy: Cathy Ang 


Blinker: Bre Northrup


Nancy Reagan: Dylan Whelan 


Anthony Dolan: Simon Henriques 


Kitty Kelley: Raquel Loving 


Gertie; Kyra Bowser 


Dorothy: Jiho Kang


Scarecrow: Molly Bicks 


Man on the Radio: Danny Wilfred 


The Witches: Sam Aneson, Mari Moriarty, and Natasha Hakata